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Ingredient: Water

Salmon Bacon and Sous Vide Salmon

Salmon skin is usually removed and thrown away, or into a stock pot, or just used as insulation for the flesh against the pan.  But with a little effort you can use it as a tasty garnish that turns the subcutaneous fat and skin into salmon bacon. Salmon Bacon The trick is to remove the skin with as […]

Brown chicken stock

The Brown chicken stock recipe was originally Heston Blumenthal’s (How to cook like Heston) and I modified it to extract more minerals from the Chicken bones, and to have slightly fewer net carbs, without sacrificing any of the flavour. These stock cubes will reappear in many of our recipes when we need to add liquid to a pan, or […]

Flaxseed Crackers in the Microwave

Easy Lo Carb Flaxseed Crackers

This is a simple almost zero carb Flaxseed Cracker that you can make in a few minutes in the Microwave with just a few ingredients. The essential ingredient is Flaxseed (also known as Linseed) Meal.  You should be able to find it at any health store, even most supermarkets.  It is high in Omega-3 oils and Protein and almost all […]

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