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Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is a “go to side” for us for meals containing steak.Creamed Spinach with steak

But sometimes I like to add it to a dish as a surprise element such as this meal with a baked potimarron and pulled meat – under the pulled meat is creamed spinach.

Creamed spinach - inside a potimarron


Creamed spinach - serve
Creamed Spinach
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Creamed spinach - serve
Creamed Spinach
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  1. Start with a pan on the heat with a little fat. You can use butter but one nice way of starting out is to fry a rasher of fatty bacon and render out the fat - then reserve the bacon and crumble it back into the final dish.
    Creamed Spinach - start with fat
  2. Dice half an onion
    Creamed spinach - chopped onion
  3. Dice the bell pepper
    Creamed spinach - dice bell peppers
  4. Roughly chop up some spinach
    Creamed spinach - chop spinach
  5. Sweat the onions in the pan until they have gone translucent then add the peppers and fry them until they have softened and the onion caramelized.
    Creamed spinach - sweat onions
  6. Add the diced cream cheese and cook until it starts to break down and coat the vegetables.
    Creamed spinach - add cream cheese
  7. Add the chicken stock and a little cream
    Creamed spinach - add cream
  8. Add the spinach to the pan making sure to coat it well with the pan sauce. Then cook until the spinach has wilted, then take it off the heat. And give a stir before serving
    Creamed spinach - add spinach
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  1. Sounds delish, what are the values per serving?

    1. I just put it into MyFitnessPal and it ends up being (for 1 serving = 1/4 recipe)

      2g Carbs
      1g Fibre
      3g Fat
      5g Protein

      41 kCal

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