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White Chocolate Drop

White Chocolate Drop

The idea of making White Chocolate drops came about as a total accident.  I accidentally bought too many blueberries for my fennel salad  and I wanted to do something with them while they were still fresh.  So Jules looked up what flavours go with blueberry, and according to the Blueberry Council, they pair well with the flavourings of Vanilla […]

Coconut Yogurt

Making coconut yogurt is an easy recipe, but a great one for low carbers because the lacto culture adds beneficial bacteria to your gut and commercial stuff is all low fat and full of sugar — horrible stuff. Coconut Yogurt Coconut Yogurt is even lower carb than Milk yogurt and it’s delicious.  It’s not sweet […]

Mojito Ice Cream

Mojito Ice Cream

This is another variation on the Easy Lo-Carb Ice Cream recipe, this time we are going to remake the flavours of a classic Cuban highball cocktail as a Lo-Carb Mojito Ice Cream and we’ll use Citrus Caviar and Mint Blossoms to give it unique flavours.

Matcha Ice Cream with Black Sesame Swirl

Matcha and Black Sesame Ice Cream

This is another variation on the Easy Lo-Carb Ice Cream recipe using the classic Japanese flavour of Matcha which is the powdered green tea used in the traditional tea ceremony, and Black Sesame which is commonly found in cakes and desserts from India to Japan but especially China where black sesame soup is a classic dessert dish. Matcha […]

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