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Ingredient: Butter

Baked Potimarrons

Potimarrons are a winter squash popular in household gardens in France, but easy to grow just about anywhere – and these ones grew in our garden. They do have some carbs (6.5g in 100g) but they are so small that the amount of flesh in half a potimarron is modest. Baked Potimarrons Print Recipe CuisineFrench […]

Daikon “Noodles”

Daikon Noodles Bowl

Another trick to make Faux-noodles is using a kind of asian giant Radish called a Daikon.  These Daikon Noodles are “To the tooth” like a good pasta noodle, and not as crispy as you might think a radish might be. It makes a good noodle for soups like this pork floss soup It’s also quite nice with a fatty meat […]

72 hour beef

72 hour beef

A couple of weeks ago I had a fine meal at “The Column” restaraunt at the National Press club in Canberra that included a dish called “72 hour beef”, and I’ve got to say it may be the greatest meal of beef that I have ever had – and that among a field that includes Morton’s, Ruths Chris’s, […]

Sneaky chocolate nuts

Sneaky nuts

This sneaky chocolate nut recipe started off as many do, as an after thought – How to use up some excess tempered liquid chocolate. The recipe is simple take some macadamia nuts and roast them in butter, with a touch of salt then cover them in a candy coating, then completely hide them in a chocolate.

Slow Squid – Ala Raymond Blanc

Slow Squid Bowl

When cooked slowly for an hour the squid totally changes texture and the rubbery collagens in the meat melts and turn into gelatin – and the mouth feel is almost like silken Tofu. But the most amazing transformation is the flavour – quick squid deep fried is almost tasteless by comparison, but when you slow cook the squid it imparts a delicious fresh seafood taste to the stew.

Lo-carb Breakfast Omelette

Some days you find you have the luxury of time and energy to cook something complex and adventurous to eat – but for those Other days you need a few “go-to” meals that you know will be tasty that you can easily prepare.  Breakfast is especially a challenge for me because I start my day slowly and build […]

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