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Maple Peanut Chocolate stick

Maple peanut chocolate stick

As you may remember I made myself a Coconut chocolate bar that was about 90 kCal to replace the Atkins bar.  The only problem is that Julie isn’t a big fan of coconut, so when I was having an Atkins coconut bar, she would have an Atkins peanut cluster bar – which is still high in sugar […]

Coconut Chocolate bar

Coconut chocolate bars

This is my third post for Easter 2015 – this time my Coconut chocolate bar. The Atkins bar When we first started eating Lo-Carb we were in a sudden panic about all the sweet things we wouldn’t be able to eat from our previous carby life.  From what other people who’ve done this tell me, that […]

Sneaky chocolate nuts

Sneaky nuts

This sneaky chocolate nut recipe started off as many do, as an after thought – How to use up some excess tempered liquid chocolate. The recipe is simple take some macadamia nuts and roast them in butter, with a touch of salt then cover them in a candy coating, then completely hide them in a chocolate.

Flaxseed Crackers in the Microwave

Easy Lo Carb Flaxseed Crackers

This is a simple almost zero carb Flaxseed Cracker that you can make in a few minutes in the Microwave with just a few ingredients. The essential ingredient is Flaxseed (also known as Linseed) Meal.  You should be able to find it at any health store, even most supermarkets.  It is high in Omega-3 oils and Protein and almost all […]

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