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How much sugar did you eat last year?

One advantage of keeping a food diary is you know what you are eating.  Of course you have to be honest with your diary – this is one reason why I don’t share my diary with other people, there is less incentive to tell a few porkies (pork pies = lies).

Actually I do share with my partner Julie – because more often than not we have to track the same meals.  We use an online food tracker called MyFitnessPal (which is owned by the same people who make UnderArmour workout-wear).

My Fitness Pal

Now as you may know I have been eating ketogenically for over a year, and for that entire time I have been entering into my diary every gram of food and calorie of exercise I have done, as well as measurements like my blood glucose, weight, waist girth, etc.

I can tell you for example that in the past year just cycling and going to the gym and walking the dogs I burned an additional 163,919 kCal, at an average of 449 kCal per day.

How much sugar did you eat last year?

Wanna know an interesting statistic?  The average Australian apparently eats 53kgs of sugar a year.

The Average Australian eats …

over 1kg of sugar

… every week.



That’s not just the white crystals they put in their coffee.  That is sugar in cupcakes and chocolate bars but it’s also in fruit, or in broccoli (yep there’s a small amount in most plants), and in milk (even the unflavoured kind), and in Maple Syrup and Agave nectar and all the other names for what is essentially sugar.

Before Keto

This is Sugar-free chocolate, right?

I can tell you exactly how much I ate in the past year …

3,152g of Sugar

… which is an average of 8.6g every day most of it in garlic, nuts, or broccoli.


I find that fascinating, don’t you?

Updated: May 29, 2015 — 3:39 pm

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