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Wanna know why our photos look like maybe they were taken with a low-resolution potato?


The Potato-Cam

Well most were taken with my 3 year old Samsung smart phone, and it’s lens has acquired 3 years worth of abrasion that give images that Vaseline smeared on the lens look.  Sure I COULD buy a Better camera, but not for this cheap website.  The trendy thing to do might be to start a campaign on some Crowd Funding service like KickStarter to buy EasyLoCarb.com a camera, but we’re not really followers.

I tell you what.  I’ll make a deal with you.  If enough people are actually interested in the content on this site we’ll commit to some stretch goals.  Right now the total is [ … calculating … ]


Stretch Goals

If at least 100 people follow EasyLoCarb.com via Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc), then we’ll put some Banner ads on the site.

If at least 200 people follow EasyLoCarb.com, we’ll commit to adding a new Lo-Carb recipe at least once a week.

If at least 1000 people follow EasyLoCarb.com, I’ll go out and buy a cheap Coolpix or similar and start using that for all the site photography.

If at least 2000 people follow EasyLoCarb.com, I’ll get a decent Cannon DSLR (or borrow Julies, shhh).

If we get more than that I’ll come up with some even fancier stretch goals.


Also if 100 people like/share any individual recipe post on Social media, we’ll recreate that recipe on Video.

Kick us

So if you are sick of the rubbish potato-like photography on the site, Follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Google+  and help spread the word.

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