Mojito Ice Cream
Basic Anglaise sauce
Mojito Ice Cream
Rum-Mint flavoured Anglaise Sauce
  1. Strip mint leaves and Blossoms from stalks, and blend with rum.
  2. Add the liquidized Mint mixture to the Cream, heat in a saucepan. Bring to a simmer while whisking to distribute the flavour, then take off the heat.
  3. Cook the yolks and Splenda on a double broiler while whisking until ribbony, then gradually ladle in the hot cream mixture while whisking.
  4. Whisk the mixture over a gentle heat until it coats the back of a spoon
  5. Cool the Anglaise in the fridge.
Citrus Pearls
  1. Cut finger limes in half and squeeze out the pearls. In this photo the limes are cut lengthwise to show the pearls, but the best way to harvest them is to actually cut the lime in half crossways and squeeze the pearls out.
Make Ice Cream
  1. Add the cooled Anglaise to the Ice Cream maker and churn as usual.
  2. Once in the final setting container spread the “Citrus Pearls” over the surface and use a spoon to push them down into the partially frozen Ice Cream so they are evenly dispersed through the Ice Cream.
  3. Portion up into 16 serves once the Ice Cream has frozen solid.